BCC Staying Connected – Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Psalm 11; Exodus 15:1-21; 1 Peter 1:13-25; John 14:18-31

In these scripture passages, we have images of good overcoming evil as God moves in our lives.  There is a great call to love coming forth from Jesus’ last words with his disciples.

A phrase that jumps out at me from the passage in 1 Peter is “love one another deeply.”  To contemplate what this can actually mean is deep itself.  

During this time of social distancing, in a strange way, keeping our distance from one another is one way of loving one another deeply.  To help us further along the road of loving one another deeply, let us do whatever we can to help each other keep our focus on Jesus.

 Almighty God,

I am in the midst of a situation that requires me to do what seems impossible. I need your help! Despite the overwhelming circumstances, I thank you for encouraging me to follow you one day at a time. Please narrow my focus to the little tasks I can do today, and empower me to accomplish those so that over time, I might get through this overwhelming challenge. I will trust you to take care of what I cannot control. Thank you that this obstacle is an opportunity for you to show me your power. When I think of it that way, my circumstances don’t seem so overwhelming. These hardships that frighten me are often the things that strengthen my faith the most. When I’m looking at the obstacles in my path, please remind that there is always a little something I can do to make progress–take a small step, make a phone call, write a note, study, pray. Thank you, God, for giving me small opportunities each day to obey you so I might overcome life’s obstacles through continued faithfulness.

(an excerpt from the book, 365 Pocket Prayers, by Ron Beers)

May you experience Christ’s love throughout your day,

Pastor Tom