BCC Staying Connected Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Psalm 26; Exodus 19:1-6; Colossians 1:1-14; Matthew 3:7-12

“Lord, I love the house in which you dwell and the place where your glory abides.”

Those words from Psalm 26:8 speak of being in a place to meet with God.  The sanctuary of the Berlin Congregational Church is one such special place.  It is empty these days.  There will come a time when we can be back.  In the mean time, we look for those places in our everyday lives.  It could even be outside in a special spot where you feel a mighty “Hallelujah!” welling up inside you.

The following is a prayer I received the other day as an email from the Chautauqua Institution.  They have been sending out a prayer each week since the pandemic began.  This one speaks to the times in which we find ourselves.

Prayers from Chautauqua’s Interfaith Family

No. 8 • From the Jewish Tradition

Rachmana — Merciful God

In a time of fear we pray for calm.

In a time of illness we pray for health.

In a time of isolation we pray for community.

As we worry about ourselves and those we love

Help us keep others in our minds and in our hearts:

The bereaved, the bereft, the workers, the healers.

May the night find us courageous and compassionate

And the dawn come soon.

—Rabbi David Wolpe

Week Four 2020 Chaplain

Max Webb Senior Rabbi, Sinai Temple

May you experience Christ’s love throughout your day,

Pastor Tom