Looking back, looking out, and looking ahead on Easter Monday

Psalm 16:8-11; Acts 2:14, 22b-32; Matthew 28:9-15

Brothers and sisters,

It has come to my attention that some people were not able to get into our Easter Sunday worship service via Zoom.  I think most of the problem was a mistake I made in clicking “enable waiting room” as an option in setting up the meeting.  I discovered that I had to keep letting people in to get them out of the waiting room.  Once I started leading worship, I forgot about the waiting room thinking I had cleared it.  It appears that was not the case.  I am sorry if you were unable to get into our worship meeting.  I’m double checking that I don’t click “enable waiting room” again.  I look forward to do the day when we can return to the church sanctuary were there is no waiting room.

Today is Monday in Easter week.  There is an old tradition in the Orthodox Church of people getting together on Easter Monday to tell jokes in honor of God pulling the joke on the devil and raising Jesus from the dead. 

In an effort to keep up our connections as a church in these times, I have been making some phone calls.  I called one person who told me a joke in light of the pandemic with which we are dealing.  The person said, “There are two things about what’s going on.  There are going to be a lot of babies and a lot of divorces.”  There is a message in that joke for all of us to work extra hard to love one another as Jesus loves us in these times.

The next time I called the same person I was told another joke relevant to these times:  “When you’re young, you marry a man for love.  When you’re old, you need to find a man who is rich enough to buy you toilet paper.”  Yes, God is still laughing.

Looking ahead, these is a special church meeting tomorrow via Zoom at 7 pm to which you have all received an invitation, and the waiting room has not been enabled.

Blessings on this wet and windy day,

Pastor Tom