Staying Connected – Friday in Easter Week

Psalm 116:1-8; Acts 4:1-12; John 21:1-14

During these days, I find myself looking out the window for much longer lengths of time.  I keep looking to see what is happening in the natural world around us.  For the first time since we started living here twenty-three years ago, I have been noticing a bluebird in the dogwood trees in front our house. 

Recently, there have been more sightings of wildlife in people’s neighborhoods.  It could be that people are spending more time being still and noticing what has been around them in the natural world all along.  It could also be that the human population has slowed down and become more sheltered which has allowed the wildlife to become more free in appearing before us.  

Sightings of birds and all kinds of wildlife we may not have seen before always bring a joy.  Next Wednesday, April 22 is the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day.  In whatever small way it might be, may we make a difference in observing, honoring and protecting God’s wondrous creation that day and everyday.

Along the way, in the stillness of these times, we might become more aware of the presence of the risen Lord in our midst.  It could be as simple as Jesus coming to breakfast like he did so long ago by the Sea of Galilee.

Here am I, Lord,

     I’ve come to do Your will.

Here am I, Lord,

     in your presence I’m still.

Blessings on your day,

Pastor Tom