Our Purpose and Covenant

Our purpose:

  1. To provide for the public worship of God
  2. To plan and establish the means for public and private instruction of Christian faith and practice, such as may lead to the development of Christian Character.
  3. To participate in the world wide activities of Christian churches.
  4. To provide regular and proper observances of the the ordinances and rites commonly accepted by Christian people.
  5. To do all, which may be properly thought, to advance the knowledge and love of God.

The Covenant of the Berlin Congregational Church

We acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and accept the Bible as the word of God and as our guide to Christian living. With the aid of God we covenant to join as a Church of the Lord Jesus Christ following the teachings of the Gospel, by public worship of God, by bringing Christian beliefs and practices into the world, and by taking an active part in the life and work of the church.


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